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MaleEdge Extra Kit

MaleEdge Extra Kit

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The Male Edge EXTRA package includes the signature extender in a green and black colour scheme indicating its sleek design. This is our middle of the range model and is a package where you can really start to see what an extender can do for you.

How can a man be sure Male Edge really works? The secret to the extender is that it uses traction to provide an increase in length and girth, a medical principle used by many doctors today. The traction can be adjusted from 1200g up to 2800g allowing the user to grow at a pace that is suited to them. Traction is a method of enlarging the penis which has been clinically proven to provide results. This tried and true technique for lengthening the penis dates back hundreds of years to tribes in Africa and South America who used discs and rings to elongate lips, necks and ears.

Size is increased gradually through the use of the Male Edge extender to ensure the user does not have to deal with pain or excessive discomfort. The pulling action of the extender causes microscopic tears to form in the penis, and these tears are filled in with tissue which creates an increase in length and girth. The added tissue allows the length of the penis to be increased without the need for surgical intervention, and the slow and steady progress of the extender means discomfort is kept to a minimum.

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The effective EXTRA package also includes bonus items that are meant to make it easier to enlarge while on the go. A travel bag, protection pad and three extra rubber straps offer comfort and convenience. The black carry case included in the package allows men to keep the extender discreet while they are travelling. The ruler in the package allows users to measure their penis before and after they use the enlarger so results can be tracked.

Choose the EXTRA package to start seeing very visible gains.

Kit Includes:

  • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Male Edge Black Product Box
  • 3 x Rubber Straps
  • 1 x Protection Pad
  • Ruler / Measurer
  • Travel Pouch
  • Printed Manual – 12 Languages
  • Official Male Edge Program
  • Online Instructional Video
  • Training Dairy
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Penis Size Range – 4 cm (1.6 Inch) to 24 cm (9.5 Inch)

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