Butt Plug

Bliss-boosting butt plugs

There’s no better way to enhance play than by putting a plug in it! If you haven’t tried these delicious tension-building toys yet, now is your chance to reach the highest echelons of bliss, with no barriers in place.

Specially selected silicone designs built to blow your mind are waiting to light up every nerve in your booty hole. Chosen for their powerful pleasure potential, these designs take play to the next level, wherever you’re at in your sexploration journey.

From stretches to bullets that thump your rump, our collection holds little to be desired. Even the kinkiest anal enthusiasts are sure to find something that floats their boat, unleashing explosiveness in all kinds of ways.

Plus, with waterproof options on offer, you can take these gadgets anywhere you like. Let that sink in.

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Hi-tech toys do more than stimulate your erogenous zones. Engineered to create as much ecstatic sensation as possible, their job is to make you lose your mind with little effort...and believe us, these hands-free tools don’t disappoint.

Once the smooth silicone slides in, they’re staying put. One press of the controls unleashes all kinds of patterns and pulses, flooding the booty with incredible stimulation. The classic forms are more than enough to tip you over the edge - but if an overpowering desire to take things further is stirring up inside of you, going for stretchers or bullets could prove to be very, very satisfying.

Used alone or in tandem with your partner, the effects lead to amplified orgasms that aren’t to be forgotten.

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