Sex dolls that satisfy every desire

Looking for a life-like toy that's ready for you anytime, anywhere? Your quest comes to a screaming halt right here.

Our inflatable sex dolls take all you have to offer without ever complaining about headaches or not being in the mood.  Their body-safe PVC built is made to withstand even the most animalistic pounding, letting you release all the built-up sexual tension into any hole. Whether you love the intimacy of missionary or prefer a kinkier pose, these toys are the perfect companions for solo play.

Ladies, don’t think this range is just for men - we’ve got a gladiator or two that’s more than happy to have you ride him any way you like!

Blow-up dolls could make you better in bed

Finding yourself overstimulated by the sight of a sexy naked body? These inflatable bedmates could help you curb your climax and go stronger for longer.

Manufactured with three alluring, tight holes that are ready to take you in full force, the blend of visual and physical stimulation is far more than what you and your hand are used to.

The more you spend time with your fantastically plastic lady, the more your mind will handle the experience of being with a real woman, leading to mutual bliss in the bedroom.

We can’t blame you if you blow your load in the first few minutes of penetration with your new toy. Her erect nipples and tight pussy are a dream for any man. Once you’ve blown her up, all you need to do is grab some lube, slide in, and let imagination and sensation carry you to sweet release.

With pretty, printed faces staring back at you, the experience is as close to the real deal as a toy can offer.

Your fantasy awaits you

Let’s face it, walking out of an adult store with your new bedmate in hand could raise some eyebrows, especially if you live in small-town Australia, where all eyes are watching. Why not give nosey neighbours the dissatisfaction of a mystery package showing up at your door, with no clue of what’s inside?

They’d never guess that the contents of the package are about to make you very, very, happy. Ecstatic, even. Once these models are blown up to their full life-sized glory, they’ll take you to places never felt before - and it’s more than likely that you’ll never want to leave them deflated.