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The balls are sensitive and they seem to miss out on all the fun, but with the Balldo Set it’s all about the balls.

Ball Dildo is what the Balldo Set is all about, it’s a unique system that the balls have all the fun. They say it’s like your second penis that never goes soft. It’s all about receiving a Ball Gasam, yes this is possible and when you have your first one it’s going to blow your mind.

You are placing your balls into the Balldo and with its dildo style shape you slide yourself into your lover and become well essentially balls deep in pleasure. But first make sure you shave your balls and grab some water based lube, then stretch the Balldo and spacers and you’re ready to go.

2 Spacer Rings which assist in keeping you all in place by keeping your balls rigid. The rings are stretchy silicone to make them easy to use and play with.

Silicone Material stretchy where it needs to be and firm where it matters.

Check out the Balldo video to see it almost in action xo

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