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Stirring the male libido is an art form. Sometimes all it takes is a visual. Sometimes it takes a sound vibration. Touch always follows.

There’s more than one erotic zone in the masculine body to play with. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully selected all kinds of textures and products to reach those zones and elicit orgasmic ecstasy.

Whether the thought of a male masturbator gets the blood pumping, or you’d love to feel the pressure of a pump against your package, once you Take A Peek, your curiosity will be ignited. From there, it’s only a matter of time before bliss floods your body.

Explore the range today and discover new ways to unleash your desire. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Be adventurous with our XXX toys for men 

If you thought cock rings were the only toys available for males, our collection proves otherwise. From prostate stimulators to fleshlights and much, much more, there are plenty of ways to let loose when you shop with us.

As Australia’s dedicated XXX supplier, we take our role very seriously (while still having plenty of fun), and we make it our mission to give you ample reason for expanding your collection – or starting one.

The plugs, sleeves and stimulators we stock are all medical-grade, body-safe items that you can use over and over again. Quality is always at the core of our range, so no matter how novel and interesting the products are, you know they’ll stand up to your wildest sessions.

Whether you’re a beginner or know your way around butt plugs, lube and other lascivious goodies, the treats we have for you easily become go-tos once they reach your room. Browse the latest line and see what we’ve got for you. We know you want to.

Surprise him with our new sex toys for men 

If he thinks he’s experienced it all, there’s much more waiting around the corner. We’re constantly seeking new products that stimulate, edge and tease all the right spots to create the most satisfying explosions yet. After all, novelty is the fuel that keeps the flames of passion going, long after the fire is stoked.

From visual stimulation and surprise elements to slippery surfaces, our innovative designs will keep him on his toes – and have yours curling with pleasure, too. What goes around comes around.

Invest in your shared bliss with our stimulating collection today. When he’s satisfied, you will be, too.