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Zoro 6.5in Black

Zoro 6.5in Black

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With its innovative one-piece body-contoured shape, Zoro is the better way to use a strap-on. The one piece construction, with our super luxurious soft touch silicone, disperses all thrusting energy off your genitals into your pelvis for more control and superior comfort. The body-shaped molded design does not need a harness to keep it in place – instead a comfortable soft elasticized waistband is enough – and it’s included! Our Zoro line-up of strap-ons all share this design innovation making them ultra- comfortable and simply the easiest strap-on to take on and off. Experience a new level of pleasure for both partners when using a strap-on.

  • Made of 100% luxurious soft-touch silicone.
  • Moulded into one single piece. No moving parts for ultra-comfort. Zoro is engineered (and tested!) to be the most amazing strap on you’ll ever wear.
  • Opening on bottom gives full access to vagina or penis.
  • Innovative harness-less design makes it easy to get on and off within seconds.
  • Designed to accommodate an optional (not included) bullet.
  • Zoro 6.5 has an insertable length of 6.5 inches  (16.5cm) and maximum diameter of 1.6in (tip) and shaft diameter of 1.4in.
  • Broad elasticized smart waistband that fits a 30-52 inch (76-130cm) waist.

 Zoro Review

Roxy, Synergy Magazine

 As I had seen pictures online and was intrigued by its one-piece moulded form and sleek design, I was quite keen to try this new strap on from Perfect Fit.   And it is amazing!

First of all, the packaging is ideal, from the magnetic window lid to view the item, through to the pictorial instruction booklet inside.  And the diagrams on the box indicated it can be used by both male and females. That’s right, its perfect for female on female or for pegging your man, but also fits the man for double penetration on the female or even for erectile dysfunction. More later.

The one-piece moulded strap on is made from 100% soft touch premium silicon and is ultra-smooth to touch, in fact, you don’t want to take your hands off it. It is lightweight, yet sturdy not flimsy. The one-piece mould means it fits just like your favourite underwear and its extremely easy to put on and off. Zoro comes with two elastic waistbands in size S/M and L/XL and these clip on and off, with press studs, in seconds and are adjustable. The fit was fine and very comfortable, and the broad elastic waistband was just right for me.

With some water based lubricant, the insertion was enjoyable for all and the 3 cm diameter (3.5cm at the tip, 14cm long), is a comfortable size and non-threatening. The strap on stayed glued to my pelvic region and didn’t wiggle about during penetration or withdrawal, it felt like a part of me- and I love the soft mauve colour. I had full control over Zoro at all times and hands-free.

Another brilliant feature is that I can add a bullet into the hollow opening inside the dildo to add vibration and the opening at the base, underneath the dildo part, allows full access to the vagina and clitoris- for additional play.

Now for the menfolk. Due to the opening at the base, the penis and scrotum fit and hang thru below the dildo. I had my man wear Zoro and he said it was most comfortable, even erotic. He then proceeded to double penetrate me, from behind, vaginally with his erect penis and anally with Zoro. It was amazing, it fitted him like a glove, no wiggling, all hands free and we both loved it.

Zoro is an amazing strap on and comes highly recommended- I can’t fault it, the price tag is premium, but oh so worth it!

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