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Universal Replacement Pump Sleeves

Universal Replacement Pump Sleeves

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The phrase “no pain, no gain is a thing of the past with this set of two Universal Replacement Pump Sleeves. These durable penis pump sleeves slip over the bottom of your penis pump cylinder to add much-needed comfort without breaking your airtight seal. Penis pumping works by using suction to create an airtight seal around your penis. Pumping up the air in the cylinder leads to increased pressure and blood flow to your penis. In the short-term, this means erections that are harder than ever. In the long-term, pumping encourages your penis to expand in both length and girth so you can achieve the size youve always wished for. Uncomfortably firm pressure isnt necessary with these pump sleeves. The soft latex material adds comfort and pleasure to your favorite device—all while you keep training your rod to be the biggest and hardest it can be. Our pump sleeves fit most pump cylinders, so you can stretch them to fit easily over your favorite device. Theyre stretchy and durable to protect your manhood as you pump. The sleeves are body-safe and unscented for total peace of mind. Transform your pumping routine and give yourself the comfortable, pleasurable sessions you deserve with these pump sleeves

Material: Latex


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