Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup
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Drag Queen Breastplate C to D Cup

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Put one of these breastplates on and you will immediately feel like a super star drag queen. The stretchy silicone is realistic to the touch. The material is hard to tear. This breast plate comes in different cup sizes and skin colors.
Outside material:
Stretchy non-oil silicone
Inside material: Elastic cotton filled
Breastplate cup sizes: Cup C to D

Drag queen breasts are made from a very soft silicone. They are tinted to look like real skin, and the nipples are airbrushed.

They are hollow and filled with polyfiber for a realistic feel. The fibre and air is trapped inside, keeping them from collapsing. 

The back is concave, which helps to fit flat against your body.

Putting on Drag queen breasts is very simple they slip over you head , like aT-shirt

Costumes and jewellery can be used to hide the edges and the neckline to complete the illusion.


Please take care when wearing, handling and general use for all silicon products.

All products are hand made and painted for 100% quality control.

Please use caution for the following:

-handling with nails


-sharp objects/ costuming and zips.

*if using plastic jewellery please be aware that discolouration may occur on the forms. Use diluted bleach or a strong makeup remover to remove any stains or discolouration.

We also recommend using baby powder or any loose setting powder applied all over forms before, during and after use to keep them as close to original quality as possible.

We are not responsible for any tears or damage to any silicon products because of careless or reckless behaviour. All breast forms/ silicon products are checked pre shipping/ sale for 100% quality control.

If a manufacturer fault occurs or is present on any silicon products we require photo evidence and will deal with it accordingly. For example if the edging/ seam of a breast form isn't secure/ comes apart.

Please note that the colour swatches provided may not be 100% cohesive every time as the pigment is custom mixed every time by hand. We strive to have 100% cohesiveness through our colours but please understand sometimes colours my vary slightly.

If you have any questions please contact seller for more information.

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